Saturday, August 16, 2014

"Kimilyn. The Bloodthirsty. The Diplomat...The Priest with the Most Epic Heals" by Break

Kimi was an amazing Player and even more amazing person.
Friend or Foe, She was a PvP force to be reckoned with.
She was an exceptional healer, and quite honestly, the best priest i'd ever any spec
She started out in Disc, and decided to learn the Holy spec, the very same day she tried it on for size, she was the Battle Ground's top Heals by a mile. 
When she would run Shadow, you could forget about being top damage that day. 
Although Kimi would more often heed the call to provide her epic heals in the BG, she admitted that she always preferred to be DPS... said it was less pressure.  
I have to selfishly admit i preferred her to heal of course, not because she made me invincible, but more for how she gracefully covered up all the daylight showing through the cracks in my game.

She was a smart player with exceptional situational awareness and adaptability. And despite how Boss she was, she never lost her grip on humility. 
On the very rare occasion she actually made a mistake, she never made excuses or pointed the finger. She'd say, "i need to work on that," laugh and move along.  She had a great sense of humor, and a bold whit....I never heard her worry about a single thing.  She was always so Carefree and Happy. But don't let that light hearted happy go lucky, very hoppy Priest fool you.  She had tremendous focus and will.  She was ALL Business when that Q popped, hopping around on her goofy yak mount, effortlessly keeping herself alive while healing the FC and the rest of the team. Making it look easy as hell while the whole opposing side trained her.  And she did it all while CLICKING! A very proud clicker, she was. It was truly unbelievable. 

Kimilyn was a very private person, mostly mucking around Azeroth. keeping to herself.
She could always be found in Arathi Basin, Warsong Gulch or Nagrand between 1am -6am server.
And chances are keeping Derpy Break alive. We were part of the Forged in Flame"graveyard 
shift." But, she was more than just my BG partner, She was a true friend. 

About 4 months ago, She decided to share her condition with me in confidence. 
She said she wasn't as healthy as most, and gradually and carefully let me know what was going on.
She had a cancerous mass in her brain that needed surgery. 
They were hopeful of a turn-around, but in all reality she said it didn't look good.
It was a devastating blow to learn this. She was to young and full of life to have such limited time. 
But she wouldn't wallow, and she chose to make the most of it.
She asked if i could keep this between her and i so she could peacefully 
enjoy her time with her friends without the obvious distractions. Of course i would. 
I was blown away by how much peace she had. How unselfish she was. 
We talked about it a few times, and I'm glad she was able to release some of that burden, 
but she was always mindful to not overwhelm. Truth be told, in the end, there was a lot she kept 
hidden.  She was incredibly unselfish. in everything she did. 
In fact I never heard her complain about anything....except about monks. She Hated 
But she gave every person a chance, even the trolliest of trolls, they all respected her.
She had a wisdom beyond her years.  and a peace about her that touched everyone around her.
Even while fully aware life was closing in on her, she never stopped smiling and laughing enjoying her time in WoW, with her friends.

Kimilyn was as tough as they get. She had the heart of a gladiator and the nerve of an assassin.
She stared squarely in the face of fear and never backed down from anything or anyone.
She spoke with her actions, and she led by example. She had a huge heart that knew no limits.
She was fiercely loyal and genuinely cared about people and she always stood for the truth, no matter the circumstance.  You always knew where you stood with Kimi, she made no bones about telling you either. 
She looked out for those she cared about, for her friends, for her guild
Kimilyn was one of the good ones and she will always be missed.
This is where she wanted to be. in Azeroth
Healing BG's, and guarding her people.

In my heart, she always be.

Thanks to some amazing people, she always will be.
Along with the help of @VesamoraKT and @Thedarcestheart -  Blizzard's Brian @Holinka has made it so.
She will continue to guard her people in the upcoming WOD World PvP Zone Ashran, spawning if she needs to aid her people in victory against the Alliance.

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